Wall Papering


Wall Papering

Wall paper is Grant’s specialty and he is particularly excited about the resurgence wallpaper has been enjoying over recent years. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Grant knows all the tricks and has the experience to ensure an eye-catching result you will be proud of.

Technology now provides us with wallpaper that can be printed on demand with one-off designs and even using your own photographs or images. These can be used to provide completely unique rooms or feature walls. There are more choices of textures, finishes and pattern complexity that has ever been available in the past.

Surprisingly, surface preparation remains an important consideration when deciding which wallpaper to choose. Although it is true that some wall papers are a great choice for covering up wall defects – it is also true that that some wall coverings actually highlight defects.

Grant will be able to advise which type of paper to choose, or the surface prep required to provide an awesome result with the type of paper you have chosen.